Wearing a Wrist Brace During Sleep Helps Patients With Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Mueller braces and supports can be useful for a person who has been diagnosed with carpal tunnel syndrome or who experiences symptoms of this disorder. Doctors often advise patients to wear a wrist brace, support, or splint while sleeping. This immobilizes the wrist for several hours and prevents the person from unintentionally positioning the wrist in a detrimental way.

Intermittent Symptoms

This strategy is most useful for patients whose symptoms are not severe and continuous. Men and women with wrist pain that is intermittent and only at a mild or moderate level are likely to benefit from wearing these support devices while sleeping. Some individuals also experience hand pain, tingling, and numbness associated with this disorder.

Modifying Behavior

During waking hours, the device should be kept off. The arm and hand should be used normally to keep the muscles strong and flexible. However, the person may need to modify some behavior that led to carpal tunnel syndrome. Often, the disorder is related to repetitive actions with the arm at work. People who use a computer mouse and keyboard all day, for example, are at risk of developing carpal tunnel syndrome. They may be able to reduce the problem by moving the mouse to the other side of the keyboard and by switching to an ergonomic keyboard.

A Possible Exception

Doctors may recommend an exception to not wearing the support during waking hours. The patient may find that doing his or her job or participating in a favorite athletic activity becomes almost impossible because of the wrist and hand symptoms. Wearing the device may be useful for someone working on an assembly line or performing dental hygienist duties. It may be helpful while bowling or playing tennis.

Avoiding Injections and Surgery

With these strategies, people may be able to avoid some of the less-desirable ways to resolve this syndrome. Some men and women eventually need treatments such as cortisone injections that reduce inflammation. Because of potential side effects like the weakening of tissue, doctors prefer to limit the frequency of the shots as much as possible. Surgery sometimes is the only answer if the disorder progresses to a severe state that makes the person’s arm somewhat disabled.

A supplier such as Mueller also provides other helpful equipment. This includes ankle and knee braces and supports for customers who need extra stability or immobilization of these leg joints. Athletic injuries and arthritis can cause a need for this equipment.


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